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Carefully examine the main points of the great card situation: the so-called careful examination is actually asking yourself on the spot. What are you asking? Since it has been explained in the previous section, here is a brief summary:

1. Number change

1.1 Is the banker out of balance? Are superficial strengths and weaknesses revealed?

1.2 Is there a regular track for the change of pin position?

2. Relationship changes

2.1 Does the combination of beats have a regular track?

2.2 Is the trajectory of the hole regular?

2.3 Is there a regular trajectory for the combination of buildings?

All of the above are places where the advantages of the Dao exist, and it is impossible to see it when it evo Pwbetlves into the Zhulu. There are still people who will look at the beads. Seriously, “Front Long Red” or “Front Long Blue” can be scary at times! If you come across these weird surprises, really avoid them! This is a class that changes on the spot!

Observation points of the Zhulu brand situation: There are already many links to watch on the avenue, and what to watch on the Zhulu is naturally to make up for the shortcomings on the avenue. As mentioned above, card potential, that is, changes in the relationship between Zhuang and leisure, can be more clearly reflected through the arrangement of bead roads. Therefore, the focus of Zhu Lu’s careful inspection is naturally the change in Zhuang Xian’s relationship, whic Pwbeth is the change of the so-called “connection jump” above. Based on a lot of practical experience:

The momentum of the card is mainly based on jumping, so bead road must be based on jumping (reverse)! If the card potential is the main connection, the bead must be the main connection (positive)! As long as you master the changes of the card situation (the relationship between Zhuang and leisure) embodied by Zhu Dao, connect with the regular changes of Dao, and find the right entry point, you will be able to overcome difficulties and make profits.

This formula is about the evolution law of potential change. Fundamentally speaking, there is a connection between the strong and the idle. Once it is revealed that th Pwbete strong and the idle are not connected, this is a change in the situation. From the short-term law of continuous potential to the law of discontinuity, or the chaotic situation of continuity and discontinuity. Note that underlying changes are usually trackable. For example, the main road is two feet, and suddenly it is three villages. The change in “quantity” and the change in “foot position” are very obvious. After a long time, it is the beginning of a trend change! It can be hunted! I have encountered roughly similar situations many times in poker games (the opposite is also possible, the dealer is not crazy and not crazy, and the dealer is not crazy and not crazy), and the fulfillment rate of this mantra is ove Pwbetr 95%. ED can lie to you for a while, but not forever. If you don’t believe me, look at the existing hands, are most of them like this? If you have grasped the essence of live gambling in street gambling, are aware of subtle changes, and stick to tight principles, you will still lose your chances of winning in special cases when encountering these games, but you definitely don’t will lose! Be aware that getting caught up in dynamic changes can be scary! Everyone was drunk and I was alone. Ordinary gamblers are subject to the existing rules and cannot clearly perceive the signs of changes in the situation, so the worst losers are those who turn around when the situation changes. Most of them are losing streaks, and Pwbetthose who lose are big bets. , we call it “serial murder”! Many gamblers have turned from winning to losing, and they can’t even afford to lose! The “bird theory” mentioned in the precious and rare book of the lifetime honorary member of the mainland refers to catching birds by collecting nets! Therefore, when gambling baccarat, you must always pay attention to changes in the overall situation, keep a calm mind, and know that there will be changes on the scene! This is a kind of training, you have to practice hard! There is no agile form! So, who said betting on baccarat is easy? ED has fallen into the gambling world, there is nothing to say, if you are new to gambling, it is wise to quit gambling as soon as possible!


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