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Talk about the betting method of baccarat
Gamblers have long been looking for ways to beat the casinos. So far, as far as I know, gambling experts have found solutions to gambling games: sports gambling (betting on balls and horses), games of blackjack that don’t use circle shufflers, old-fashioned slot machines with progressive payouts, progressive Bonus video poker, as well as Pai Gow Poker (Pai Gow Poker, Seven Cards), where gamblers take turns being the dealer. As for Stud (Poker), although those with higher skills win more money, it is similar to mahjong, where gamblers bet against each other, so it is not the way to crack it.

But gamblers do not necessarily like or have the conditions to learn the correct way to play the above gambling games. Hong Kon Pwbetg, Macao and Taiwan gamblers like baccarat and size, European gamblers like roulette, American gamblers like dice (dice), all gambling experts believe that the advantages of casinos cannot be overcome. But gamblers were not convinced, so they created many “cables” (betting methods), which were used in various gambling games, hoping to turn the tide and turn the advantage of the house to the gambler.

Let’s analyze some common betting methods.

1. Flat shot method.
Generalized betting methods should include flat betting methods. It is often said on forums that you will lose with a flat bet, which is a good thing in itself, but people who say this often think that they can win if they find a good line, which is a big mistake. If there is no good betting meth Pwbetod, whether it is a flat bet or a claim bet, it is bound to lose in the long-term betting. Personally, I prefer to use flat bets, because flat bets make people feel stable and low-risk, and it is easier to maintain a peaceful and peaceful mind during the betting process, which can reduce the chance of making mistakes. As long as there is a correct betting method, flat bets can win money in the casino for a long time.

2. Shuangbao.
In a narrow sense, “Double Treasure” refers to doubling the original chips immediately after winning a hand and betting on the next hand. The improved “Double Treasure” means that after winning a hand of cards, there is no need to bet on the next hand (stop betting several times in the middle), but patiently wait for the next entr Pwbety point to appear, and then double the original bet.

Regardless of whether it is a narrow version of Shuangbao or an improved version of Shuangbao, what we have to ask now is why do second-hand chips have to be doubled? What is the reason for increasing the stake? Will the winning rate of the second hand be higher than that of the first hand? Some people say that only by increasing the bet can you win more money.

3. Straight line (negative multiplication method).
If you lose one bet in the first hand, bet two bets in the second hand. If you lose again, bet four bets in the third hand. Thirty-two notes…

The above is the well-known straight cable gambling method. The advantage of this method of gambling is that even if you lose several hands in a row, Pwbet as long as you win one hand, you can get your money back and win extra bets. The disadvantage is what netizens often say “one shop clears the package”. If you bet until you run out of money or reach the table limit and can’t win a hand, you will lose a lot and lose a lot.

4. Straight cable (forward chasing multiplication method)
If you win one bet on the first hand, bet two bets on the second hand, if you win again, bet four bets on the third hand, win again, bet eight bets on the fourth hand…bet sixteen bets on the third hand, and bet on the fifth hand… …the fourth bet, six hands, thirty-two bets…

This kind of straight line, no matter how much you have won before, if you lose a hand, your previous efforts will be in vain, and everything will re Pwbetturn to zero. To use such a cable, one would have to have the super ability to predict which hand will break the cable. This is a game only God can win. The naked eye is like you and me, so it’s best not to touch it.

5. Stair cables
After each winning hand, increase the bet by a fixed ratio and bet on the next hand; each time you lose a hand, please return to the starting point or the previous level. For example, if the increase is set at 30%, the first hand will be 100 yuan, the second hand will be 130 yuan, the third hand will be 170 yuan, and the fourth hand will be 220 yuan. One hand loses, and the fifth hand returns to the original 100 yuan or 130 yuan…

This kind of stair cable has higher profits when it wins in a row, and it loses if it wins or loses.


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